The Sassenach Files: An Outlander Podcast

Droughtlander Book Club: The Sapphire Brooch–Part 1

October 26, 2022

Welcome back Obsassenachs! This week on another LIVE edition of The Sassenach Files, I hosted my third edition of Droughtlander Book Club. Catch the replay here to check out my discussion on parts one and two of The Sapphire Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan. Join me as I analyze our two protagonists: Braham McCabe and Charlotte Mallory, along with all of their endearing traits and fatal flaws. I also chat about some of the key plot points of the first half of the book as well as the historical figures, places, and events that take center stage in this fantastic story. Of course, romance novels being what they are, I also made sure to break down our main couple, what makes them perfect for each other, and what sets their love story apart from others in the Celtic Brooch Series.

Make sure to join me on October 29th at 4:00pm EDT in my FB group TSF Obsassenachs for our wrap-up on The Sapphire Brooch where I will be discussing parts three and four!

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