The Sassenach Files: An Outlander Podcast

The Threat of Division

September 4, 2022

Welcome back Obsassenachs! This week on The Sassenach Files I’m discussing 605: “Give Me Liberty”. Join me as I talk about Roger’s soft spot for young mothers and how that drives him towards a civil servant career path, along with the news that Bree is pregnant, and Jocasta’s true reasoning for buying Fergus that print shop. I also express my sympathy for Lord John as he once again is placed in a tight political squeeze while protecting Jamie from the ire of the crown and it’s agents. Creative production choices were also on full display this episode a la Bonnie Prince Charlie’s escape “over the sea to Skye” and the “Colonel Bogie March” in the closing moments of the episode, so stay tuned to see what I had to say about those things as well–among other things :)

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