The Sassenach Files: An Outlander Podcast

You Tried to Die on Me, Didn’t You?

February 20, 2022

Welcome back for another episode of The Sassenach Files! This is my last episode before I go on hiatus for Season Six, and it’s a doozy. Join me as I chat 509: “Monsters and Heroes” in all its wonder. This episode is very character driven and centers around the life Jamie and Claire have built for themselves. So, dust off your earbuds and settle in as I talk about Roger and Bree’s marriage growth, the similarities between Claire and Bree as modern career women, and that fantastic scene between Ian and Fergus. Saving the best for last, of course I discuss Jamie and Roger’s ever evolving relationship. They have finally worked out their differences and that is certainly something worth celebrating on my 75th episode!

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